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Many questions you may have can be answered by clicking on one of the links below to download one of our general information forms.  If you don't see the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us directly. These are meant to be resources for both current and prospective Tenants to better understand our obligations, responsibilities, and policies as managers of your rental unit.  The Shamszad Group’s role as Manager is to represent the Owner of the building, ensuring that the Terms of each Lease Agreement are upheld by all parties, both the Owner and the Tenant.     

For Prospective Tenants:

Application to Rent (In Person/By Mail)

Application to Rent (Online)

Residential Tenant Applicant Screening Criteria

For Current Tenants:

California Tenants: Guide to Tenants' & Landlords' Rights & Responsibilities

Local Utilities and Services Vendors


Paying Rent

Security Deposit


Tenants' Right to a Move-Out Inspection

How to Properly Vacate Your Unit